LiveBinders uses tabs and subtabs to help you organize your binder.

Creating tabs for your binder before browsing the internet can be helpful for organization. This allows you to easily add sites to your binder under specific tabs. It makes keeping internet sites easy to find for future use. If you do not create tabs in you binder the Internet sites that you add will be added as their own tab. If you create tabs prior to browsing, the sites can be placed under the tabs as subtabs.

Now it’s time to name your tabs!

1. Scroll over Tab 1 so that it is highlighted.

2. Type in the new name for your tab.

Need More tabs?

1. Click the down arrow on any tab and select New Tab.

2. Type in the name for your tab.


To_Do_Icon.jpg Name your three tabs. (You can change the names of your tabs and subtabs at any time.)

Add at least one more tab to your binder.

Need Subtabs?
View the following video to learn how to add tabs or subtabs to your binder while browsing the Internet.

To_Do_Icon.jpgFill your binder!

After you filled you binder click NEXT.